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Chef David Denis

Chef David Denis is a French-born Houston-based Executive Chef and Restaurateur specializing in French, Italian, and American-fusion fine-dining cuisine. With over 22 years of experience in renowned international restaurants, he is backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement, as well as industry-leading accolades from peers and the public. Career highlights include co-owner & Executive Chef for Le Mistral Restaurant; co-owner and menu designer for Foody’s Gourmet French Bakery; co-owner of Rouge Wine Bar; co-owner and consultant for Artisans Cuisine & Savoir-Faire; co-owner and executive chef at Bistro 555; menu consultant at Café Rabelais; menu consultant for District 7; member of Maitre Cuisinier. Chef David collaborated on recipes and made contributions for 2 books- Greenbeans & Guacamole; Energy Cuisine book and Ipad application (2nd Best In The World 2012 cookbook application by Gourmand.)
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